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The Body Shop Tea tree facial wash | Review


I cannot even begin to tell you how terrible my skin has been lately. Never before have I had so many spots and blackheads, and why? I have no idea. But being the skin care obsessor I am I had a few little weapons hiden in my draw ready for a disaster such as this and The Body Shop's tea tree facial wash was the first to step up to the challenge.

So it looks scarily similar to washing-up liquid...but don't let that put you off! 

How/when I use it:: I apply this on make-up free skin without any water at first. I spread it about my skin and leave it on for a minute before wetting my hands and massaging the gel to create more of a foam. I then wash this off. Personally, I think face washes can be used at any time - morning or night because they clean and refresh the skin ready for any further treatments.

Effect:: This wash gives me an instant refresh and not only does it make my skin feel clean and bright, the smell sort of wakes me up. I find my skin feeling much more glowy…

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