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I have the frizziest hair ever. I know everyone moans about their hair when really it's not that bad at all, I however am not exaggerating *crosses heart*. As you may have read in THIS post I really enjoyed using argan oil on my hair so when I found Elvive's 'anti-frizz' serum which contains argan oil at the bargain price of £4.59 at Superdrug I threw it in my basket! I don't regret it one bit and this is why...

How to use it:: On wet hair I use 3 pumps (yes, it has a super handy pump lid) but you can probably use less as my hair is super long and there's a ton of it! I rub the serum in my hands then comb my fingers through the length of my hair and smooth it all through. On dry hair I use 1-3 pumps and do the same thing.

What it did on wet hair:: For me, this product really helped to make my hair feel much softer and smoother and slightly more healthy/shiny. I can confirm that it has helped to reduce my frizz- SUCCESS!

What it did on dry hair:: If I need to de-frizz my hair after a wild night (not in that way you dirty thing) then I do it with a few drops of this and it helps to make my hair look glossy but not greasy. It flattens down the frizz and helps me to smooth everything out.

Ease of use: 10/10
Results: 8/10
YAY or NAY? Yay, I really enjoy it and recommend it for anyone.

For the price this is a great serum that I would happily repurchase! If you have any tips for dealing with frizzy hair then I would reeeeaally appreciate them.

Thank you for reading!
Love from,
Lou Bluebird xxx


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