Maybelline Dream Sun bronzer | Review


I'm not overly bothered about whether I look tanned or not, but I feel like having a slight summer glow does really boost your overall look. That being said, I think some people really do suit having stunning porcelain skin and it kills me to see fake tan being over used by them. Anyway, now that I've done contradicting myself, let me get on with the review...

Application:: As you can see there are 3 colours in this powder that you can use separately or all together. I use them all together by just swirling my brush over them all. I find it's hard to blend out/fade out. There are lots of ways to apply bronzer and it can seem quite a complex art at times but I use it 2 different ways: 1. A light dust all over my face to add general colour or 2. On my forehead and to contour my cheeks. But feel free to looking into this yourself and find a method that you like.

Pigment/colour:: It is very pigmented. To some this will be really good, but for me (relatively pale skinned) it's not so good. I struggle to get the balance right of having enough but not too much and maybe that's my own fault. I also feel that the colour is very orange which I don't like much as I would prefer more of a gold or brown.

Lasting power:: It lasts perfectly well all day, no complains here!

In summery-
Application:: 6/10
Pigment/colour:: For my skin tone it's a 4/10
Lasting power:: 10/10
YAY or NAY? It's a NAY from me, sorry!

I hope that was helpful even though it wasn't very positive, but the truth is always best! I'd really appreciate knowing of any good bronzers to replace this one, so let me know if you have a favourite!

Love from,
Lou Bluebird xxx


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