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I've never been a fan of false nails. But when I was walking towards the bags section of Primark I saw a little glimmer of daisy-goodness (I'm in love with daisies, FYI) and instantly snatched up this set. At only £1 I figured I should at least give them a go, and that I did. I have fallen in love with these nails so let me show you why...

How I applied them:: First I wanted to protect my nails a little bit so applied a base coat of nail nutrition. I then used the glue provided and put a rain drop amount of it onto the back of the nail which I then pressed into place and held for around 5 seconds. Once they were fully dries I trimmed them down to my natural nail length (with a few millimeters added on some of my shorter nails) and then filed the edges smooth. This also allowed me to shape them a more natural way and I found people throughout the week asking me how I'd done them myself.

Obviously, the main reason is the design. A black base with white polka dots and sweet little daisies. You can't go wrong with that! But these nails are actually really wearable as well. I wore them for a full week and though I did have a few fall off I was able to replace them quickly with the spares. I didn't have to be gentle with my fingers because they were so well stuck down which was also great.

Overall these nails get 9/10 from me and if I see a nice design in the future I will certainly but it. Have you ever tried these?

Love from,
Lou Bluebird xxx


  1. These look incredible! I didn't realise Primark even sold these! My main worry with false nails is how to get them off without damaging your real nails. Any tips? xxx
    Forever Dreaming of Oz

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean, the packaging recommends soaking your nails in nail varnish remover to get them off however I managed to just push them off (sounds gross, I know). I find it helps to apply a protective base coat on your natural nail so that the glue doesn't do too much damage.
      Hope that helps Lorna xx

  2. These nails are adorable! You have a new follower (:


    1. Aren't they? Thank you, glad you liked it x


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