B. Radiant Illuminating Foundation | Review


I don't 'do' foundation. I'm actually rather proud of that. But recently I started doing more 'dressy' things and found myself caring much more about how I was looking at such things so I decided my time had come. I'm not a fan of the idea of slathering something cheap and nasty on my sensitive and precious skin so I didn't go for the cheapest like I often do with other things. This foundation was £9.99 when I got it but is currently on sale for a BARGAIN of £4.99 HERE at Superdrug if you're interested!

All sounds good, yes?

How I use it:: I only use this on my nose and chin which are my red/blemish ridden areas. I apply 1 pump with my fingers first rubbing it on to distribute the product then patting it to get rid of streaks and help it to blend. I find that 1 pump is more than enough and in fact makes me wish that this didn't have a pump (despite my love for pumps) so I could get a smaller amount more easily. It does really stick to dryness I've noticed as well, so a moisturiser before hand is a must!

The effects:: As soon as I apply it my redness is hidden almost entirely but my skin doesn't look caked or orange. It also feels nice and light and once it's on I don't notice it. This product hasn't done anything bad to my skin but I wouldn't say it's done anything good like the hydration it claims but I haven't worn it often enough to say I've tested that well. Overall though, I think this works nicely! 

Application:: 7/10 Goes on nicely but can pump a bit too much for me and sticks to dryness.
Coverage:: 8.5/10
Lasting power:: 9/10
YAY or NAY? Yay, I like it!

All in all this product is one I'd happily buy again and recommend, especially to daily foundation users. Let me know what foundation you prefer- higher end of budget beauts?

Thank you for reading!
Love from,
Lou Bluebird xxx


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