Garnier Micellular water | Review


Ooh boy I'm ever so excited about this post! Not only do I get to rave about the product, but I've also got TWO GIFs for you! Squeeee! I cannot contain myself any longer so let's get stuck in...

What is promised: Fragrance free, no rinse make-up removal.

What is delivered: Fragrance free, no rinse make-up removal. Seriously it just does what it says on the bottle and it does it well. I'm SO pleased with this product because it feels much gentler than other make-up removers (it doesn't hurt using it near my eyes unlike previous products I've had) but works well. The lid allows the product to drip straight out (you don't needs to squeeze it) which isn't great if you knock it over but otherwise I suppose it's not really a problem.

The proof...

Product used (and removed after 10 seconds in contact with the product) : here

Products used (and removed after 10 seconds in contact with the product) : here, here and here

It doesn't require any rubbing which we all know is terrible for our skin which is great! You can purchase this in many places but I went to Superdrug and got it for around £3.  I think that is really all I need to say - if you want a really nice make-up remover then get this. Oh and if you like my nails then take a look at THIS post.

I hope this helped you,
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