Nivea Regenerating Night Cream | Review

Happy Wednesday!

I ran out of my most favourite Neutrogena moisturiser (reviewed HERE) recently and went to repurchase it only to find it out of stock. Hoping to have the same success with Nivea I chose one of their moisturisers instead.

Consistency :: Quite thick. I felt it didn't absorb as quickly as I'd like.

Scent :: Just a natural moisturiser scent that doesn't linger.

Initial feeling :: It hang on the skin for a few minutes whilst it soaks in and once it does I find my skin feels quite heavy but soft.

In the morning :: My skin does feel fresh faced, plumper and adequately moisturised but it lacking the light feel that I enjoyed with my previous moisturiser. However, I have found that during the period of a month or so of using it I haven't had any dry patches on my face.

Overall, it's a 7/10 for me. Maybe it's because of my love for my previous moisturiser...or maybe this product just simply isn't lovable? But in a way it does do its job so I can't hold a grudge, I just won't be repurchasing.

I hope this was helpful, can you recommend me another moisturiser?
Lou x


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