The Body Shop Honey and Oat facemask | Review


Recently I've been having a skin crisis and have found more spots than ever before erupting all over my nose/chin. The Body Shop has always been a go-to shop for presents for the hard to buy for but I decided that desperate times call for desperate measures and I thrust out £10 for this honey and oat face mask. I was unsure what to expect but I'd had good skin experiences with both honey and oats diy before and figured I'd see if they made the ultimate combination...

How to use :: I apply this a few minutes before going in the shower and it takes just a finger swipe of product. I leave it on whilst doing the rest of my shower routine so that all-in-all it's on for around 15 minutes at which point I rub it off in circular motions to exfoliate. 

Consistency :: I expected it to be very thick and heavy but it's actually really smooth which I love. It really is just like a few blended oats mixed into some cream and that makes it really easy to apply (no crumbling oats etc). 

During :: Whilst on the skin the mask has no real sensation it just feels very light. The exfoliation is incredibly gentle which makes this perfect for people with sensitive skin.

The after effect :: Immediately after removing the mask my skin feels softer and slightly firmer. I also think it looks brighter and after 2 or 3 uses I think it has added a slight glow to my skin. In the long run, it has helped with reducing my spots and the redness and I'm pleased with the result.

When I first looked at the pot I didn't think it would last very long and I thought at £10 it was over priced. However when you realise how little you need and see the fresh face it helps you achieve I think it can be agreed that the £10 is worth it. Also, if you have sensitive skin then I think this face mask could be a nice soothing option for you.

I hope this was helpful!
Lou xo


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