L'Oreal Hair Chalk | Review/Tutorial


I have ALWAYS wanted to have lilac hair. Some people want to own their own successful business, some want to create their own make-up line, I want to have lilac hair. There is one rather huge issue with this dream of mine and that is that I'm way to much of a wuss to risk killing my hair with bleach and dye (I'm also not sure I'd suit it and can't really be bothered with the maintenance) *sighs*. So my dream has always remained a dream. When I was searching Pinterest some months ago I found out you can dye your hair temporarily using hair chalk and jumped at the chance by purchasing L'Oreal Proffessional Hair Chalk in First Date Violet (the closest I could get to lilac). It cost me £15 from Look Fantastic. These are my thoughts...

(This is immediately after application, brushing and hair drying to set the chalk...hence messy hair, sorry!)

Please bare in mind that everyone's hair is different and will react differently to colouring. I can only speak from my experience with my hair.

Back story:: Hair chalk is what it says on the tin, chalk to colour your hair, so is a popular choice for those who don't want to commit to hair colour or damage their hair with dying. This L'Oreal kit is different to other hair chalks because it is in liquid form and it comes with some applicators to help you apply it. It all sounds really promising and the price tag is much higher than other sticks of hair chalk so I assumed this was because it would work better, I may have been wrong.

Comes with 8 applicators that you bend in half.

Application:: 6/10 The bottle does drip so you have to keep it upright and use a towels to protect your clothes and the surfaces around you. 
To start applying onto dry hair you must shake the bottle to mix everything together. Then you squirt some into an applicator, fold the applicator to distribute the liquid and then clamp a strip of hair between either side of the applicator and pull it down. This is quite simple to do however the applicator absorbs a lot of the liquid and means that not much rubs onto the hair so you have to go over the same section a few times. Though the applicators are helpful they create quite harsh lines so brushing the hair with a comb after each application is a must.
I only used half the bottle on my first attempt (which failed) so for my second go which worked I poured it out into a tray, put on a glove and rubbed it along strands with my hands.

Finishing:: 8/10 The chalk dries very quickly which is great and you can see straight away how the colour looks which means you can add more if needed and try to correct any mistakes.You can set it with heat. Straight away you are good to go which is better than waiting for dye to dry.

End look:: 7/10 I was hoping for much more colour pay off than I got however it did look well blended and natural...if purple hair can ever be natural? I enjoyed wearing it in my hair though! The chalk isn't as damaging as dye however it did still make my hair feel a bit drier/more damaged than usual but nothing that a bit of hair care couldn't fix (masks, serums etc).

Removal:: 3/10 L'Oreal says that this should come out in 2 washes, I didn't experience this and this may be because I set it with heat but I found it lasted at least 4 washes. After the first wash (after a few days) it became more of a pink colour but remained in my hair until about wash 4 when it finally washed out. I was surprised it took this long even when I used shampoo on dry hair before my shower like they recommend.

Overall:: 7/10 It was fun and nicer than using dye however I found it very damaging for some reason and the removal was slow. I do think that it was worth the one off £15 but I won't be buying it again. Though I can't actually compare it to dyeing because I have no experience of dyeing I think that if you really want to colour your hair you should try a temporary dye or a different brand of chalk.

I'm gutted that this chalk didn't live up to my expectations but I hope that my experience was helpful for you. Let me know if you have any hair chalks that you recommend!

Thank you for reading!
Love from,
Lou Bluebird xxx


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